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About Us

The Grounds believes that every child has the right to independent living and growth.


A grounded approach with therapy-intensive curriculum, tailored learning for different needs and play-based experiences are just as essential as education, to help children with developmental needs grow.

Yet, children often do not have the right grounds to achieve their fullest potential, and parents sometimes lack the right tools and knowledge to effectively participate in their children's growth.

This thus motivated us to create

an ecosystem, for both parents and children, to bloom together in any grounds they are in.

The Grounds logo

The Grounds is an Early Intervention Therapy Centre working with parents and children with developmental needs from

18 months to 7 years old.

We are grounded in:

  • Therapy-intensive curriculum focusing on speech and occupational therapy

  • Tailored activities for different learning needs

  • Play-based experience

and underpinned by:

  • Licensed onsite therapists by AHPC 

  • Well-equipped Indoor Gym

  • Regular collaboration with parents beyond curriculum


Our Services

With a small teacher to children ratio, coupled with therapy-intensive curriculum that is tailored for different learning needs, expect children's behaviour abilities to be nurtured.  


Our Specialists

With our team of qualified teachers, and licensed speech and occupational therapists, you can expect children to be cared for in a nourishing environment.


Stories on the ground

With many approaches out there, raising a child can be overwhelming. To support you on your parenting journey, here are stories culled from our specialists to lend you a helping hand.

Coming to you soon
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