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Occupational Therapy

Does your child:

  • Face difficulties performing basic life skills (e.g. self-feeding, toileting)?

  • Have troubles managing frustration and anger?

  • Demonstrate limited fine motor skills (e.g. grasping pencils, pincer grip)?

  • Have limited on-seat attention to do tabletop tasks?

  • Demonstrate short attention span?

  • Avoid certain foods or have a small food repertoire?

  • Get anxious or upset when touching certain textures?

  • Frequently bang into things or trip when walking?

  • Exhibit stimming behaviours (e.g. spinning around, jumping excessively, staring at fans)?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your child could be experiencing a developmental delay. Let us help.


At The Grounds, our highly-qualified Occupational Therapists are well-equipped to facilitate children’s development of fine motor skills, body coordination and integration of senses to interact appropriately with their environment and others. 

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